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From idea to print in 5 silly steps

Medium gosia beach print crop
I recently printed this image. It’s an environmental portrait of my girlfriend Gosia on the beach. Let me take you on a journey filled with romance, excitement and silly puns as I’ll tell you how this wall gracing masterpiece got blown into existence. more >>>

Street photography in Poland

Medium warm day at the odra poland theodoorthomas
In 2010 I rolled into a project which became My Poland, a photography project documenting my view or passion for Poland. My Poland quickly developed itself as a street photography project. more >>>

Van Dyck Brown

Medium vandykebrown
A Van Dyck Brown print is a contact print technique not unlike the better know Cyanotype. Unlike the Cyanotype the Van Dyck Brown print produces a pleasingly brown print. more >>>


Medium holgaroid
Okay, let me start of with the simplest mod you can do. You ready? here it goes: Don’t install the new frame! Now that was easy. Alright I’ll tell you why. more >>>

Holga and the sunny and cloudy switch

Medium holga 120
I was convinced that on all Holga's the sunny/cloudy switch was just for show, as it turns out on a GN (glass lens) Holga it does do something- it gives you two aperture settings. more >>>

Develop black and white film

Medium develop black and white film
I’m here to tell you that film is fun! The process of development is great! The smells, the anticipation. Even when you completely fumble up you can still get great results. more >>>